Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stenciling Shenanigans

Stenciling is an easy way to turn a boring piece of wall or furniture (basically, anything you can paint) into something exciting that adds value to your home. In our example I decided to turn a little-used (and barely noticed) into an eye-catching piece that adorns our front stoop.

Tarp (I used an old table cloth)
Craft Paint
Foam plate
Paint Sealant
Mini sponges & paint brushes

I used Martha Stewart stencils, sponges, & craft paint from Michael's

If you are stenciling on wood, make sure to sand it to make it as smooth as possible before painting.

Once done sanding, I painted my base color, then got my stencil paints ready.

When using sponges in stenciling, be careful not to use too much paint. Once you've added paint to the sponge dab it on your palette a couple times.

Next set up your stencil. There is such a thing as "stencil tape" but my stencil was small and I just used my hand to keep it in place. Later I used painter's tape when I needed it to stay put on a tricky area.

These particular stencils can be moved (carefully) after using, this makes it easy to continue stenciling at a decent pace. I wiped the stencils down with a wet paper towel once I was finished with them.

  As you can see I used a stencil around the edges of the stool as well. This was a bit tricky and when the painters tape came in handy.

Because my stool will be outside with the elements, I sprayed it with a paint sealant. You can find this in most hardware stores that sell spray paint.

I'm happy with the results and have noticed many other things that can be stenciled. I may have caught a case of "stenciling fever" and must now use a little self-restraint to avoid going overboard.
                                                ~ B

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