Monday, July 29, 2013

Beautiful Burlap Wreath

Burlap seems to be everywhere. Due to its durability, it is a popular fabric option for rugs, bags, and lately, wreaths. I've been excited to see a little bit of fabric in my local Michaels recently (see some of that excitement on my Chic Decorative Trays post.) I found they were carrying some cute burlap and decided it would be perfect to use in making this wreath. Here is what I needed:

~ Foam Wreath ~
~ Burlap ~
~ Ribbon (not pictured here) ~
~ Decorative Flowers ~
~ Glue Gun ~

I used two packages of the below burlap. As you can see, it's 3 yards and more of a trim. I probably could have used just one package but I was a bit generous when wrapping it around the foam and figured I could use the excess of the second package on a future project.

I grabbed my trusty glue gun and put a line of glue on the inside of the burlap.

Next I positioned it on the foam to begin wrapping it around.

I slowly wrapped the burlap around the foam wreath.

Here is how it looked once completely covered in the burlap.

I already liked how it looked but decided I wanted to cover up the raw edges. Since I had previously picked out the flowers I would be using, I found a ribbon that matched one of them.

The color of this ribbon was perfect but because I felt it was too wide, I cut it in half lengthwise. 

Next I dabbed some hot glue on one end.

I used a few long pieces so I would not have to stop and keep cutting ribbon. I then wrapped the ribbon along all the raw edges, dabbing a bit of hot glue as I went to keep it secure.

This is how the wreath looked once I was done attaching the ribbon.

The criss cross in the top left is where I started so there was bound to be a bit of overlap. Never fear, this is where I can cover this up with the flowers.

I'm not a big flower person. I enjoy receiving them and smelling them but about the only time I would use them in crafts is on a wreath.  What you choose for your flowers (and how much you use) is a matter of personal preference.

I happen to like the below colors together.

With my glue gun still blazing, I popped the stems off these silk flowers and strategically placed them on my wreath (by strategic, I mean I covered up my initial ribbon criss cross situation).

Finished product:

Now I need to squelch my compulsion to make a wreath for every month....

~ B

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