Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Chic Decorative Trays

I have referenced Michaels Stores several times on this blog. They have almost everything I need when it comes to craft projects. I have always wished they would carry fabric. I understand why they don't, they're not a Joann's Fabric kind of craft store, but it would make my life so much simpler if they did. With all that said, maybe Michaels is finally headed in that direction! Granted, the great fabric print I found was made of canvas, but I will take what I can get. They also had a great Chevron pattern in canvas and a fun Fleur de Lis in burlap. I loved the antique key pattern I found and stuck with that.

This project is incredibly simple and I found it on one of their "Take me I'm free" craft project idea cards they have in the store. Here is all I needed:

~ Fabric of your choice ~
~ Picture frame (Above is 11 x 17) ~
~ Grosgrain ribbon (2 pieces about 43 " long) ~
~ Scissors ~

First I cut my fabric:

Since my frame was 11 x 17, I added an inch to each figure and ended up with a cut piece of 12 x 18 inches.

Next I cut my ribbon.

You can use any color/pattern ribbon you desire, since my fabric was a print I just wanted a solid colored 1 inch black ribbon to match.

My next step was to remove the backing and paper from the frame and then add the fabric* (face down).

*Make sure fabric is ironed and wrinkle free.

I then placed the cut ribbon down the center of the back of my fabric. I left about an inch between them since they would be tied at each end.

The length cut for the ribbon is a personal preference. I cut the length suggested on the craft sheet (45 in.) and found it to be a bit too long for my handles. However, it is better to have the ribbon too long and able to be trimmed than too short and unable to create decent handles with it.

Next I replaced the backing.

And tied my ends:

Since my tray is most likely going to just stay put, I tied my ends into bows, however, they can be knotted as well. I did carry a couple glasses and a martini shaker on my tray and it felt sturdy. Since the ribbon runs underneath the entire backing, the tray is as sturdy as how strong/sturdy the latches are that are keeping your backing on (mine felt pretty strong). Keep this in mind if you are tempted to use a frame with cheap/flimsy backing latches.

How cute is this?

I'm using this tray on our bar to hold glasses, barware, etc.

Having a tray on a bar top, nightstand, or coffee table keeps the area from becoming cluttered and also helps everything in a central location.

Since my 11 x 17 inch frame came as a 2 pack, I decided to use the other frame as a tray for my bureau in our bedroom. 

I love that even though I throw my jewelry on the bureau it somehow looks organized when it's on this tray.

I'd like to point out here how difficult it is to take a picture with a mirror involved and not capture yourself in it. 

I would have bought these trays if I saw them in a store so the fact that I only needed a few simple items, and could personalize it by choosing my favorite fabrics, made me so happy.   

~ B 

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