Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fasten a Felt Flower to a Pillow

Back when I first joined Pinterest (and I barely remember life before it), I saw a version of this pinned on there. I went back to  get the proper link but it is now broken.  My version is pretty different but I still like to give credit for inspiration so I did a little sleuthing, and although Classy Clutter's blog link seems broken, or down momentarily, I did find them on Facebook. Check out their page there and hopefully they'll get their site back up soon.

Anywho, the reason I love this project so much is because it's an easy and cheap way to update a throw pillow. And before you judge, YES I jumped on the Chevron pattern train. I normally resist such things but I have to admit, I do love it. So here we go:

Now, if you were any kind of Simple DIY Home friend, you would already know how to make a throw pillow. In case you are new, or simply forgot, here is the link for that tutorial

Moving on.

Here is what I needed to add my felt flower to the pillow:

~ Stencil with various sizes of ovals (or circles, if you prefer). ~

~ Felt. I bought 4 sheets at Michaels for 29 cents each. ~

~ Freezer paper. This helps to keep the ovals smooth when cut from the felt. ~

~ Scissors & and an iron. ~

I first traced my ovals onto the plain, NON-SHINY side of a piece of freezer paper.

I normally don't cut a set amount of ovals, I just eyeball it as I go, often laying the ovals on the pillow (before gluing) to get an idea. For this particular felt flower I used the following amounts:

13 - Large Ovals
20 - Medium Ovals
7 - Small Ovals
5 - Extra Small Ovals
6 - Small circles (center of flower)

I put the freezer paper with the stenciled ovals on top of the pieces of felt. Since I stenciled the ovals onto the plain side of the freezer paper, the shiny side of the freezer paper is what is in contact with the felt.

I then ran the iron over the freezer paper a few times.

Once I felt the freezer paper was stuck to the felt I stopped and began cutting out the ovals. The heat from the iron helps seal the two together and makes the cutting of the felt smoother.

I cut each oval in half and peeled the freezer paper off.

Now that my felt petals were ready, I got out my glue gun and added a line of glue to the flat section of each oval.

Where you put your first felt petal is a personal preference. I prefer the flower in the center of the pillow but putting a smaller flower in one of the top corners would look pretty cute.

The first row had all large ovals. The second and third were medium, then small ovals. I just kept layering. One note: Hot glue dries quickly so I had to commit to where I wanted my petal to go. Repositioning is tough and messy. I had my next few petals laid out so I could decipher how I wanted it to look before I got to them.

I kept going until I got closer to the center.

Once at the center, I began to make my circles for the center petals of the flower. I decided I wanted a smaller circle than the can I put in the initial supply picture I posted above, so I used the top to a vitamin bottle. I stenciled, ironed, and cut to make six circles.

I then folded each circle in half.

Then folded each in half again.

I put some hot glue in the middle of those top pieces you see in the photo to keep it together.

I made six of the above center petals and began to add them to the flower.

Note: After I hot glued the first center petal to the flower, I decided to cover up the little section of chevron that was showing. I just glued some extra petals flat to the center.

Here's the final product:

Super easy and a lot cheaper than buying a new throw pillow.

~ B

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  1. Love Love LOVE!!!! Please take a pic of it in your house so I can get a real life visual!